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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I'm sick and tired of being lied to - a call to prayer. Part One.

I'm not claiming to be perfect. I've lied to myself more times than I care to admit, but generally speaking, I try to avoid lying. I've never liked it and when, on the handful of times I have consciously lied, it has been to spare someone else's feelings - usually female.  I dare say it works the other way as well. I hate it and I regret the times when I have felt that it was necessary.  All this is to demonstrate that I find lying inimical to whom I think I am, let alone whom I think God is.

Consequently, deliberate lying really winds me up. Unsurprisingly, I find today's media a source of increasing displeasure. We are being lied to. Sometimes for reasons of policy, sometimes because they want to sell papers and and why let facts get in the way of a good story?

It's August, it's the silly season, but this August there's very little silliness - of the harmless sort - about.

We have been lied to over MH17 and possibly MH370. We have been lied to over the Ukraine. We have been lied to over Assad. In the UK, we are regularly lied to over the UK Independence Party and over the European Union. We are lied to about fracking and climate change. We are lied to about same-sex 'marriage' and the 'protections' afforded to the Church of England - but only the C of E. We have been lied to so many times that it is difficult to decide who is telling the truth.

And most of all, we have been lied to over Israel and Gaza. The reputation of the BBC as a purveyor of accurate reporting is now in tatters, but so strong is the lie that they still haven't understood this.

What follows will be a selection of lies, truths and possibilities, along with a call to prayer. The call? Simply, that God will restore honesty, objectivity and truth to the media and that He will raise up honest and God-fearing politicians and clergy.
Faith moves mountains, so start praying.


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