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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

When did you last hear a sermon on Helpers and Administrators?

Thought so. Me neither.

At church we are currently working our way through Exodus in the evening service. It fell to me to preach on Exodus 17: 8 - 18:27. I have preached on the Exodus 17 verses before and you can find that here. It's all about prayer triplets (also here). But the Word of God is a never-ending well-spring of blessing and riches. This time, I was shown the seeds of what would become a nation of priests, a royal priesthood.

There is a direct parallel to Exodus 18 in  Acts 6. Factor in what constitutes priesthood and kingship, examine the ministries of the Holy Spirit (see here) and a sermon on Helpers and Administrators was born.

The overall theme of the series is "The God who rescues." Here we see Israel beginning to grow into maturity. The lessons are key to Christian maturity as well.

I forgot to record the sound, but the PowerPoint is fairly comprehensive.

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