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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Tabernacle - Part One - God's rescue plan for Israel and the Church - the best place in Heaven and Earth.

We are still preaching our way through Exodus at the church I attend. This is a very visual presentation on the Tabernacle - lots of pictures, few words and I hope no copyright infringements.

It is how God brings us from sin to the mercy-seat. The is the throne of Christ. The same throne upon which the Bride is seated with Christ in heavenly places

Some people say that the gospel is not about bums on seats (In the UK 'bum' is OK). In fact, it is. It's about getting those bums out there on that seat up there! (This quip is mine.)

Enjoy a walk through the Tabernacle to the Mercy-Seat.; a journey to the best place in Heaven and Earth.

Every blessing,

Ian G.

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