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Thursday, 19 March 2015

I, I AM the Man Born Blind. One of the other I AM sayings in the Gospel of John

My apologies for being so long away from my blog. I hope the following will help to make up for it.

At Bible College and the like we are rarely, if ever, told that there are other I, IAM sayings in the New Testament that are not from the mouth of Jesus.

It sounds almost like heresy so what does it mean? A full documentation of the I, Iam sayings in the New Testament can be found here. So it's prepared by a Jesuit? It still checks out.

My concern is why it is in the mouth of the Man Born Blind. The answer is that the whole chapter 9 of John is a microcosm of Church history. When Jesus says that 'We must work the works of Him who sent me...' He was not talking to the disciples.

The Powerpoint below outlines this claim.

You can read the text of John 9 here.

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