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Thursday, 10 August 2017

SEARCH - 21st century Merkabah

I  think that it is likely that there are major events coming at home and abroad that will cause the church to seek the Lord in a way not known since WW2.

In a dream, I saw a large VTOL aircraft rise up. It had been modified for extra vision. It was pure white with the word SEARCH painted on its undercarriage in large black letters. The I saw a large military style helicopter rise up. It was painted in exactly the same way and was followed by a second helicopter; again painted the same way.  In the distance I saw ambulances heading to whatever event had caused the aircraft to rise up. I awoke thinking of Ezekiel 1 and Luke 15.

God is searching things out and so should we. Whatever is coming,  He sees it all and there is provision for the need that will be created by the future events.

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