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Monday, 30 December 2013

How the ground was prepared for the "Jesus is a Palestinian " lie.

If you read the birth stories in Matthew and Luke, the names of places and of people, the quotes from the Tenach, the prophecies that parallel those of the Tenach, the genealogies, the circumcision, the presentation at the Temple, the Bar Mitzvah (why else would Jesus go to the Temple aged twelve?); the one thing that you would have to blind and brain-dead not to see and understand, is that these stories are Jewish stories. Some Christians may not like it; some Jews may not like it, but the fact remains, and it will continue to remain, Jesus is Jewish.

Believe it or not, at this point, someone will ask; sometimes in all innocence, "But isn't Jesus a Christian?" I know this because as a teacher of religious education, it has happened to me, frequently.

I explain that Christians follow Jesus because they believe that He is the Christ/The Messiah. Whether you believe this or not, Jesus cannot follow Himself.

When I started teaching, I taught the Old and the New Testaments. The Bible was available to be read and it was read - aloud. When I finished teaching, I was expected to teach six different religions without any real reference to any of their holy texts. This is how the lies take hold. They no longer know the truth.

Ever tried to teach the 'lives of the founders' of six religions in one year? Half a term each and the terms are not the same length. Furthermore the legal minimum of one period is circumvented by making a One hour and ten minute lesson to be comprised of  two periods. This is irrelevant to most subjects but RS gets 35 minutes. Allowing for  time to get the class in and out plus admin and discipline, actual teaching time can be significantly reduced even to zero.

As to the lives of the founders, simple enough in the case of Islam,  and Buddhism. In the case of Sikhism, as it is now practiced, it would be wrong to teach only the first of the ten Gurus and not include the last Guru who shaped Sikhism as it is now known. Can we really do Christianity without St Paul; or Judaism limited to Moses but not include Abraham? Speaking of Abraham, his example is essential to Christian understanding and you can't understand Jesus without an introduction to Judaism. Who founded Hinduism? Nobody mentions Zarathustra, but his influence on Jewish and Christian thought is significant. It has become impossible to teach any of the religions properly.

Religion becomes a matter of opinion rather than established facts. Any attempt to teach facts results in the accusation of forcing your beliefs on others, even when correcting the child's own ignorance about their own faith. Unbelievable, but it happened to me.

You can read a more detailed account of how this happened in a previous post, 'The devolution of Divinity or how to undermine a Christian education and Zionism' This is a longer article sketching the history of the subject and showing how it has devolved into its current mess.

As there is now no real knowledge of the history of Israel, Judaism and Christianity and no-one has ever drawn a sketch of Israel showing Judea, Samaria, Galilee and the Decapolis (at the time of Christ) there is no bulwark against Arab lies.


I still find it difficult to believe that Hanan Ashwari wasn't declared legally insane, but hey, it's religion and its a matter of opinion...
I know what I'd like to say at this point, but this is a Christian blog and it might offend.

Map of Israel in New Testament Times with Roads

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  1. Very interesting, Ian. I shall reread this later.