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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Some stories have to be told

I came across this story in the Daily Mail.Two things interested me. The first was that it was about the Holocaust. The second was that the film makers are young students from my home county of Co. Durham. ( For US readers, that is County Durham, England )

Iby Knill: An Auschwitz Promise will be aired this Saturday at 8.30pm on The Community Channel, available on Sky, Virgin Media and BT Vision.

It took Mrs Knill sixty years to keep a promise made to a dying teenager at Auschwitz 1944. She did it as a result of a Theology discussion on sin and evil. I have to admit this puzzles me, because sin is evil, it's just that we cannot comprehend how evil sin is except when all our human weaknesses and strengths combine to do something outrageously evil. (My Thoughts)

A film was made out of Iby's memoirs, The Woman Without a Number, by film and television student Robin Pepper, 22, at Teesside University. He and fellow students Mark Oxley, 26, from Darlington, and Ian Orwin, 22, from Sunderland, made the documentary for a final year project after he read her book in just one day.

Mrs Knill said: 'Robin has done a marvellous job, and I am very happy with the film. It goes some way towards fulfilling the promise I made to the twin all those years ago.' Robin added: 'It was an honour to work with Iby. She is an amazing lady, and we are really pleased we have helped her keep that promise she made so long ago.'

You may need to click on the blank space below, but it should show a short video.

There is another point of contact with Mrs. Knill. She has a gold watch chain from her father. Mine comes down from my great-grandfather to my certain knowledge. It is not full of such tragic memories. These things are precious because they are our links with our ancestors.

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