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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Clueless politicians, unspeakable evil and spineless Western Christians.

On Saturday, I read something in another blog that was horrifying, moving to the verge of tears and made me angry and ashamed.

I was angry with Western Christians who seem to lack the spine to preach the gospel to our culture and also lack the courage to speak out about the persecution of our brothers and sisters in Syria and other such places.

Further down this blog you will see a picture of unspeakable evil that rivals the distressing picture I posted in January. http://thealmondrod.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/the-girl-in-blue-story-of-two-little.html

You are warned that the picture is equally distressing. It is a picture of unspeakable evil and of the martyrdom of a sister in Christ.

The famous Anglican blogger, Cranmer, has posted about Syria.


 I've used his header because I don't want you to see the image below unless you choose to view it. This header should appear in the links to my post on this subject.

I don't intend to rant about the perpetrators of such evil. 'Vengeance is mine ', says the Lord, 'I will repay'. Nor do I intend to belabour our clueless politicians in the West

I just think that 
it is time Christians in the West started to speak out about the Gospel and about the persecution of Christians elsewhere in the world. 
It is time that the Churches and their leaders ceased from PC navel-gazing and trying to conform to this world. 
It is time to call out people to prayer and to repentance. 
It is time to encourage Christians to share the gospel without fear and in a genuine love for the unsaved.
It is time to preach Christ and Him crucified.
It is time to be a prophetic voice to our nations and speak out against sin in all its forms.
It is time to sow the seed of the Word.
It is time to reap a harvest.
It is time to prepare for the coming of Christ Jesus.
It is time.

 You are warned that the picture is extremely distressing. It is a picture of unspeakable evil and of the martyrdom of a sister in Christ.

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