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Sunday, 22 June 2014

You abandoned us! - Is this how we see God?

I seem to be having a lot of interesting dreams lately. I have never known anything like it.This one occurred last Tuesday, just before I met with my prayer triplet. ( Now about three weeks ago as I have been very busy).

I had been very tired and decided to take an extra half-hour of sleep. It was during this period that a story in dream unfolded.


A man had escaped from some oriental, communist country and made his way to England. (This is not so unusual. The Vietnamese Boat People are an example).

Some years later, his daughter made it to England. She was hostile towards him, seeing him only as a source of money which she clearly felt she deserved. When he finally confronted her about this lack of love and respect, she replied, " You abandoned us!"

He was astonished at what she said, but after comparing stories, the truth emerged. He had been sending money faithfully, via a transfer agency, to his wife. He had also been sending letters saying how much he cared, what he was doing for them and how he longed to be reunited with them. Neither the money nor the letters had reached his wife and daughter.

In the dream, for some reason, I was dispatched to find out what had happened. The Agency and the local Post Office handling the money and the letters had been corrupted. The money had been stolen and used to build a house for someone else and the letters had been destroyed in order to prevent exposure of the crime.


When I awoke, I wondered what it was all about and then the interpretation came to me.

The woman and the child represent generations of the Church. The man is Jesus. The money is God's provision for His Church, being both material and spiritual (i.e. The Holy Spirit). The letters are the Scriptures and the sound exposition of the Word by faithful preachers.

False teachers have diverted resources for their own uses. Some have built themselves mansions, others have funded ungodly causes. The have quenched the Spirit or abused the gifts and brought Him into disrepute. All of these have failed to preach the Word as this would have promoted discernment and exposed their wrong doing.

My part in the dream is that of all those who seek to preach the truth and work with the Holy Spirit in the hope of Revival and the Return of Jesus.

If you agree with this message, then I represent you and your call to your part in bringing true Christianity back into the hearts of all denominations and people who are called by His Name.

God has not abandoned His people, but some of His people have abandoned Jesus and His Church.


  1. This was an excellent post . The church has become corrupted with false teachers and many people are being deceived because of this.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement.