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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Does Obama care about Meriam Ibrahim? Update.

There are suggestions that the Sudanese government has realised that it has gone too far and will overrule the barbarous sharia law that has sentenced Miriam Ibrahim to death. See the BBC news here.

See also articles in the Telegraph and the Daily Mail .

However, this is by no means certain and it remains to be seen if the fanatics will take the law into their own hands as they have done in Pakistan and other Islamic nations on many occasions.

International outrage has been immense.The UK can, for once, be proud of its leaders.

Prime Minister Cameron, the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats and Ed Miliband, leader of the Opposition have all condemned this outrage and are putting diplomatic pressure on Sudan. They cannot withdraw aid to Sudan as there is no direct aid to withdraw.

The silence from the USA and, most especially, the White House has been deafening. I know that US politicians have been protesting about this situation, but there is no voice that can speak for the nation coming out of the USA.

Why is President Obama so silent about this Christian family. Do they not resemble him closely enough?

You may find some answers at the following websites:

The PJ Tatler Just how much of an apostate is Obama?

Grumpy Elder

Maggie's Notebook

I find these whilst searching for an explanation of Obama's silence. If they are to be be believed then one of Obama's brothers is working for the Sudanese at a high level.

The USA has some hard questions to put to its silent President.

In the UK, a protest is being planned outside the Sudanese Embassy see here.

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