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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dreams from my Father concerning the Church (Part Two)

In the previous post of this series, I forgot to mention a 'picture' and a word of prophecy that was given at a prayer triplet I attend. (I have posted teaching on Prayer triplets here and here .)

The picture was of a 'standard' bush or tree. This is a gardening term for a particular style of topiary.


In the picture, the bush had become overgrown and dense. It bore neither fruit nor flower.

The word of prophecy said that it was necessary to let light into the centre of the bush. To do this the dead wood would have to removed, followed by branches in the wrong place and branches not bearing fruit or flowers.

We would rejoice at some of the pruning as long-standing sin and opposition would be removed. We would be less happy with the costly nature of some of the pruning when it was necessary to cut into live wood.

On a personal level, seeing the back of some long-standing sins will be a relief, but others may come as a surprise to us and we may find it hard to bear.

On a Church level, even deadwood is still made up of living people. Some will be moved to other fellowships, but others will be a cause for great pain.

Nevertheless, God intends to have His church back. The pruning process has started.

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