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Friday, 23 May 2014

Does Obama care about Christian, Black Americans? Not if they are in a Muslim prison for being Christian.

If you live in the UK, you may well have read about this. If you are a US citizen who reads WND or the USA's most read online paper The Daily Mail (UK!) then you will have read about it.  If you read Mark Steyn, you will have read about it. You could also try The Telegraph. Other than that, it will probably be news to you.

The Mail link shows why she was accused in the first place. Her Muslim family want what she's got, without earning it.

Two US citizens are about to be forcibly removed from their parents and brought up as Muslims, because by sharia law they are Muslims and not Christians. Their mother will be flogged 100 times for adultery. She married their father when she was not married to ant one else, but her absentee father was a Muslim. She was brought up a Christian. After that she will be executed for apostasy - leaving the faith of her father and believing the faith of her mother, who brought her up as a Christian.

If nothing is done then this brave sister in Christ will die a martyr.

Mark Steyn documents it here.


You can sign anyone of a myriad petitions by Googling "Miriam Ibrahim petitions" or going here.

A quote from Mark Steyn:

On Saturday, President Obama issued a Tweet in observance of International Anti-Homophobia Day:
"No one should face violence or discrimination—no matter who they are or whom they love." —President Obama
Fine words, but, as is often the case with this man, utterly empty. An American citizen is about to have his life ruined because of "whom they love". Daniel Wani suffered discrimination from the US Government because he fell in love with Meriam Ibrahim. And, because of that discrimination, he now faces violence from the Sudanese Government, which presently has his entire family - his wife and unborn child, and his two-year-old son - shackled in Khartoum. After Meriam gives birth, she will be hanged, and Daniel, because he has committed the crime of being a Christian, will never see his children again.

Those children are American citizens, and this is not a Sudanese news story but an American one.

The United States bureaucracy failed Daniel Wani, grievously. Washington should make Meriam Ibrahim a US citizen. The Ambassador in Khartoum should then demand access to the family. And the US Government should make plain to its Sudanese counterparts that it expects the entire family on a plane out of there in 48 hours.

Everyone, even the U.N., is protesting. Your former 'oppressors' the evil Brits are protesting. Some of your politicians are protesting. Where is your President?

On the golf course?

Don't hold your breath.

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