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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Dreams from my Father concerning the Church (Part One).

I admit it, I'm being a little naughty with the headline. I mean real dreams that I believe are from my Heavenly Father. It's part of being a new creation and a somewhat different inheritance!

About two weeks ago, I had a most interesting dream that stayed with me.

(When a dream stays in the memory and doesn't fade with the morning, it could be significant and is always worth some prayer and meditation).

I dreamt that my wife and I were out walking when we saw a young woman in a business suit collapse through sheer exhaustion. I knew that she was the Church. We passed by, but I knew that I had to return to help her.

When I got back to her, she had, seemingly, recovered and was getting up. As she turned to face me, she no longer had the face of a young woman, but of a bearded young man, quite trimmed and stylish. Nonetheless, he was hostile. I knew him for an evil spirit.

In my dream, I spoke to him in tongues. He recoiled acknowledging the spiritual power. I spoke again, but he would not yield.

Then I spoke to him in English. 

"You have seven days to release her. After that, everything you have will be taken from you and divided up. Furthermore, you will be divided," (As I said this, I was pointing at him and then I drew a line up his abdomen, from his belly to his neck - indicating the manner of his division), 

"And by division you shall die".

I knew that the spirit was one of gender confusion and that he held the church in thrall. I realised that God had declared war against this spirit. I believe that Jesus will rescue His bride and will release her from this powerful spirit

I do not know if the seven days are seven literal days or seven years, but if they are seven literal days, and my hunch is that they are, then certain areas of what calls itself church are about to find that God is at war with them.

I should add that it might take seven years to rid ourselves of this evil spirit. 

Ed. note 2016. It looks like seven years might be the interpretation.

That same day, when I had awoken, I read in the Telegraph that two 'priests' had 'married', see here. Also, a gloating Roman Catholic analysis here. He has no idea of what God will do.


  1. Hey brother Ian, it's Alexander Elijah from Google plus.
    SHALOM to you brother in Jesus Name.

  2. Shalom to you. I've only just seen this. I misssed the notification somehow.