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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Chanukah in John Pt.2 The Servant Candle, Light of the World.

The Chanukiah differs from the standard menorah as it has eight branches instead of seven. Yes, I know, it has nine but the ninth doesn't count. How did that happen? It all has meaning.

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And now for the meaning:

The Servant Candle (Shamash) is separate from the others. It does not recall the miracle of provision ( See part one, link below). It can be used as an every day light and to light other things.

Some Chanukiah (Hanukkah menorah) put the servant candle to one side.


There are many designs for Chanukiah. Google them and see. It is all very creative.

The Servant Candle is two things.
Firstly, it does not count - despised and rejected, anyone? Isaiah 53.
Secondly, it provides light for the world. John 8:1

Jesus call Himself "the Light of the World" at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles (see John 7:37 ff).
The story of the woman caught in adultery ( John 7:53 ff) interrupts the narrative. Nevertheless, it shows clearly, why Jesus came into the world, to save sinners and not to condemn them. John 3:16 - 21. If you read the text, you will see that in verse 19 Jesus refers to Himself as the Light.
 As Jesus was born at Tabernacles, it follows that the Incarnation took place at Chanukah.

You may find the following links of interest:


I will also be posting more on the birth of Jesus in the near future.

As Mary was remembering the rededication of the Temple, and possibly lighting the Chanukah lights, the Angel Gabriel appeared to her. Luke 1:26 - 38
As she dedicated herself to God's service, she became, for nine months, the dwelling place of the the Second Person of the Trinity, in other words, a living Temple.

Have you noticed that an Chanukiah has nine lights?

Copyright G.I.Goodson 2013
The Chanukiah has some more secrets to reveal, of which more later. Tomorrow, the first light of John's Chanukah menorah.

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