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Friday, 17 January 2014

The girl in blue. A story of two little girls and the Devil's work

This post comes with a warning. The content is distressing and, although the visuals are upsetting, it is the stories which are heart-breaking.

If you have a legitimate celebration today, read this tomorrow.
The first little girl is Jewish. Her name is Hadas Fogel.
The inset is Hadas Fogel before she was murdered.The rest of the image is her tiny coffin. A little girl in blue.
Her family was murdered by Islamist terrorists (from Arab Palestine). They were walking away from the slaughter when they heard the baby crying...
This took place in 2011.
What follows is more recent.


This little girl's parents were Syrian Christians, and like them, she became a martyr to her faith.  A martyr to her parents' faith, I suppose I should say in view of her tender years.  A martyr at the very hands of the cruel and ruthless Islamists and Jihadists who wish to wipe Israel ahttps://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Emmaus-Group/157999294338029nd Jews and Christians and Christianity from the face of the Middle East. 
The Facebook page of the Emmaus Group explains:
Child “crucified” in Syria.

The image ... shows a very young girl tied to railings in a crucifixion style position and left until dead. The image was sent to us via facebook from a contact in Syria. The girl’s crime, as if there could be one? Her parents were Christians. She was tied up and made to watch her parents being killed then left. This evil act was perpetrated by Syrian rebels. The same rebels the West continues to support financially, with training and technology and supposedly, “non lethal hardware.”\

 Sadly this practice is not new. Christian children have been crucified in Iraq in an attempt to terrify their parents and the Christian population in general. See link
My sources are Daphne Anson and the http://www.emmaus-group.org/

Sometimes, evil is so utterly appalling that terms like 'The Enemy', 'the Devil' and 'Satan' are all that are left to describe who has done this thing.

The Church of England is expunging all mention of the Devil from its new service book.

Update: It would seem that at least one other source attributes the picture somewhat differently.

  "chained up for being Shia Muslim"


In either case, the act is attributed to Syrian rebels and is horrendous. However, the link above has credibility issues, see the following quote - the brackets and highlighting are my insertions.

The Syrian civil war is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Syrian [?] and outside foreigners paid by zionist intellegence [sic], a system build to weaker the arab army, esspecialy [sic] those who are a threat to the pro-american diplomacy, in other words ”those who do not bow down to them”.2013 

 I am seeking further clarification.


  1. May our God be with you and may He have Mercy on the souls of the blinded that do this every day . Americans are so (blessed) / happy that they don't wish to even pray for this.
    Each day the Christian world walks away from the needy and the helpless and claim whey are the children of The Most Hi. Jesus is coming to stop this world from killing itself. That's true just remember it. It will be a world that has gone away from just look at this girl. Where is the Children where am I?

  2. I see that this harrowing photo is being linked to on Facebook by a number of people, from the Emmaus Group's page.
    I dare say you know this site, Ian, but thought I'd alert you to it just in case you don't:

  3. First, this proves that the U. S. A. should no longer send support to foreign countries at all. Crossing racial boundaries, the U. S. A. must start taking care of OUR OWN CITIZENS. OUR OWN Babies, children, youths, adults, and elderly are among the least healthy of all developed nations worldwide, yet on paper, the U. S. A. boasts the single largest economy in world history.

    Second, Satan is the inspiration behind all acts of murder. Satan is a liar and a murderer since Creation. He is the chief persecutor and accuser of the Brethren.

    Third, the Tree of Life is watered with the blood of the saints and the martyrs. Where Christians are persecuted and even killed, the Christian Church experiences the highest growth.

    Fourth, unless citizens of the U. S. A. are harmed or killed, the U. S. A. needs to quit being the policeman and emperor and alms-giver to the rest of the world. We can no longer financially or physically or even capably afford it. When other nations ask us for aid, we give it in droves. When we ask other nations for aid, unless we perform amazing diplomatic feats akin to doing handstands and juggling flaming pins with our toes, other nations give us nothing. It's past time for us to reciprocate. It's past time for us to tell the rest of the world that their problems are theirs to handle.

    Fifth, it is time for the U. S. A. to protect and serve its own people. No more attacks on our embassies or on our soil can go without immediate and harsh reciprocity. No more undeclared wars can be committed, lasting for decades, until our enemies are killed. We can spend no more billions or trillions of dollars on endless costly wars. Go in, finish the job, get out, leave, come home.

    Sixth, we will always have poor and needy persons. We cannot walk away from them. We must take care of the poor and needy persons - AT HOME WHERE IT COUNTS, without racial or ethnic or religious regard.

  4. First, It doesn't prove anything of the sort. This blog is based in the UK. Second, agreed - but you don't want to fight him? Third, where does it say that in scripture? Islam has all but eradicated Christianity by relentless persecution. Fourth, We don't look to you for money, but you look to us for blood and troops. Fifth, You break it, you fix it. Afghanistan was 'reciprocity' of a sort. Sixth, Jesus didn't take this view. John 3:16