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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Power of Three - more about prayer triplets.

This sermon advocates the need for prayer triplets  as a part of our regular prayer discipline. 

It is based on Exodus 17 and Ephesians 6: 10 - 20. It emphasises the need for prayer triplets and explains them.

It is based on the very first battle that Israel fought after the Exodus at Rephidim. Much of this I learned years ago at Bible College from the Rev. Bob Dunnett, former vice-Principal and a Canon of Birmingham Cathedral. For clarification that is Birmingham, England.

The PowerPoint has been amended, so the MP3 recording doesn't quite match. We had some technical glitches during the service, but we got nearly everyone praying in triplets as a "taster".
Birmingham Cathedral -St Phillip's
The sermon is part of a series on prayer and part of our preparation for a Mission during Holy Week at Holy Trinity West Bromwich and in partnership with Asian Calvary Church .

Despite the little loud-speaker symbol there is no sound, for some reason Skydrive won't allow it.

If you want to hear the MP3 recording, click on the quaver. However, I cannot do both at once and I doubt that you will be able to either.

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