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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Economics, compassion, and the need for warmth i.e. Spring!

It may seem odd to ask people to pray for Spring as it must eventually arrive. We are promised that the seasons will not fail (Genesis 8:22), despite what Climate Change/Global Warming alarmists tell us. Nevertheless, it is delayed.

Lambs are dying in the fields whilst farmers struggle to find them. Wild creation starves and dies. Creatures are hibernating when they should be up and about. The elderly, the infirm and the poor shiver and green taxes raise the price of energy to ridiculous levels. We are destroying power stations to 'save the world'.(Jesus never knew ;-) !) Meanwhile, India and China build tens of such stations to every one of ours lost.

For once compassion and economics speak with the same voice. We must be warm and where governments fail through incompetence and impotence then we must needs pray. Is it such a hard thing to ask the Church to pray? Let us confess our sins and intercede for this land. Having the righteouness of Christ, our prayers should be of great effect. James 5:16

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