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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why the Risen Jesus has long hair! Oh yes, he does.

How can I possibly know the length of Christ's hair after the Resurrection? Because He told us so. Well, to be precise, it is a deduction from His words to the disciples at the Last Supper.

"I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.” Matthew 26:29. ESV.

Jesus took this vow at the end of the seder (Passover meal) when he had shared the last cup of wine and instituted what Christians know variously as : The Lord's Supper/Table, Holy Communion and Mass. Each name reflects a different theological understanding of His command.

Those who know their Old Testament/Tenach will recognise His words as a Nazirite vow. The person making the vow would abstain from all forms of the fruit of the vine, not just wine. Jesus is being quite clear in His wording. They would not cut their hair until the vow was ended and they could not be contaminated by corpses. 

Although Jesus would shortly die, His body was not thrown onto a waste heap with other corpses of condemned men but placed into an empty and unused grave (John 19:41). 
Therefore, I conclude that the Risen Jesus has long hair!

There are three other individuals who are thought to have been life-long Nazirites in the Bible. In the Tenach (OT), we find Samuel and Samson. In the Gospels, we find John the Baptist. All three shed some light on the ministry of Jesus.

Samuel was a prophet, a priest and a judge. He was also an anointer of kings. Jesus was a prophet in His earthly ministry, a priest from the Cross onwards, will return as King and Judge and who, with the Father, sends The Holy Spirit to anoint the Church.

Samson was a judge, a warrior and when seemingly helpless, destroyed the Philistines' power and thus delivered Israel. Jesus will be the Judge, He is the Victor of Sin and Death and wars against Satan and by His death he delivers all who believe.

John was a prophet preaching repentance and the Kingdom, he was a baptiser and was innocent of any crime when he was executed. Jesus preached repntance and the Kingdom, He baptised in  the Spirit and was innocent of any crime when He was executed.

Jesus is utterly commited to ensuring that His disciples will reach His Father's Kingdom. To do that He was a  prophet, He is a priest making intercession for the saints, He has overcome sin and death, He will destroy Satan, He sends the Holy Spirit and, by His death, He has saved us.

Jesus is fulfilling His Nazirite vow on our behalf.

And He has long hair!

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