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Friday, 29 March 2013

More on Maundy Thursday.

I had hoped to publish something last night but the Internet was weird. Download speeds were all over the place. Some sites were accessible and others less so, including Blogger. I intend to do a series of posts based on this season of the Church Calendar. 

I will be looking at interesting and revealing details and puzzles in the story of Holy Week. For example:

  • Why did Jesus celebrate Passover on the wrong day? 
  • How do you get three days and three nights if Jesus was crucified on Friday?
  • What does the goddess Ninue have to with anything?
  • Why does the Risen Jesus have long hair? Oh yes, he does!
  • Why did the Risen Jesus not allow Mary to touch him but invited Thomas to put his hand in the wounds?
  • How many Ascensions into Heaven were there?
  • Why what the festival we shouldn't call Easter is not about new life.

I will also be considering some of the other Passovers that are mentioned in the Bible. They all shed light on what happened at the Cross.

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