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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Maundy Thursday and me.

It's exactly 47 years since I was confirmed into the Church of England and 47 years less 10 days since I took my first communion at what was then my local Parish Church of St Mary's . It is a beautiful church that has been paganised, in my opinion, by the addition of a Labyrinth. It wasn't there when I was confirmed.

Since then I have always tried to observe that anniversary and have often attended memorable services as a result. Ones that stick in the memory are a service at Norwich Cathedral, many years ago and three Passover style celebrations at City Road Methodist Church Birmingham (CRMC), All Saints' West Bromwich and Holy Trinity West Bromwich . I'm still listed as a Local Preacher at the CRMC website! All Saint's is the nearest to home and Holy Trinity (HTWB) is where I regularly worship. 

The very first Communion was a Passover meal so it is always interesting to see the service set in that context and last year I researched the seder meal to produce a Passover style service for HTWB.  I intend to revise it for more general use and make it available once I have worked out the best way of doing that! It's too late for this year but will, I hope, be helpful for future use to anyone who might need it.

I'll post a bit more on this subject later.

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