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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Iran, Jewish sorcery and the 'false god' Yahweh!

Jews and Christians alike will have problems watching this video if they have high blood pressure. In it a Saudi Cleric calls YHWH a false god. For his sake, I hope he did it out of ignorance. If he knowingly lied then his place in Hell is assured. I pray he was ignorant.

It also reiterates the blood libel. If it wasn't so serious we could laugh.

The video is part of an article in WND ( I know - they are a bit questionable, sometimes) where Iran accuses the Jews of sorcery!! OK, some Kabbalists go too far, but so do some Sufis, Christian mystics, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus etc. etc. It's an occupational hazard with mysticism. 

You wonder who believes this stuff, but there are witches who claim they used magic against Hitler to defend the UK. Honest Guv! When you wake up in the cold light of day with the mother and father of hangovers, you know this is wrong.

If anyone wanted evidence that Allah is not the God of Israel or of Jesus, now you have it. 

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