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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Fall of the American Empire.

As I look at prophecy and seek to understand and interpret the signs of the times, I have been bothered by something which has bothered many who study the prophetic scriptures. Where is the USA in all this? The answer is 'nowhere' and the implications of that are overwhelming.

Recently, I have begun to be very concerned about the signals that are coming out of the USA. Quite frankly, I fear for the future of the American Empire. It is an empire, anything else with 50 states would be called an empire.

A recent poll revealed that some 29% of Americans think that some kind of armed revolution may be needed to get back rights. You read that correctly. 

The financial situation of some US states is so dire that if they were not part of the USA they would be like Greece or Italy.

It has now been legally established that voter fraud was used in 2008 to put the then Senator Barack Obama on the state ballot of Indiana. There are many other claims of voter fraud most of which have been denied by the mainstream media. This is the first one to be be proven in a court of law. Many others simply have not been investigated. Google it.

The US IRS (Tax Office) has admitted targeting opponents of President Obama and has recently been shown to have tried to force a Pro-Life charity to promote abortion!

The Obama administration is now alienating friendly mainstream press by spying on them (see here)

Over at Daphne Anson is a post of a video interview with former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. He speaks about what is being called Benghazi-gate and on Israel's strikes on Syria. He also use the word 'impeachment'.

The lies over what happened at Benghazi are beginning to unravel. See here in a thoroughly researched article by Jerome Corsi and here which documents testimony under oath.

The Pentagon is persecuting Christians in the military including military chaplains.

Homeschoolers are being demonised as terrorists even though there is absolutely no evidence for that assumption.

Abortion clinics have been exposed as slaughterhouses. Finally an abortionist has been found guilty of murder. Innocent blood pollutes the land.

The mess in Syria gets worse (and the UK's Prime Minister David (call me Dave) Cameron isn't helping matters). If Walid and Theodore Shoebat are to be believed we should leave it alone ( this one is stomach-churning).

The calls for the impeachment of Obama grow ever louder. I think it will happen when the Democrats realise that he is an electoral liability. It will be the only way that they can 'clean' house.

Then there is the possible effect of various putative terrorist acts, as well as the devastating effect of a major earthquake caused by the San Andreas fault.

All of this could cause the USA to turn in on itself. Obama is not like Richard Nixon and his default position is to bow to Islam. 

Which brings me to 1973 and the Yom Kippur War. The Israelis were 50 miles from Cairo when President Brezhnev warned the embattled Nixon, in the middle of Watergate, that they were going to sort things out. A warship armed with nuclear warheads had docked in Alexandria, Egypt and Soviet paratroops were being mobilised. Nixon called a worldwide Stage Three alert which put 2,300,000 troops on standby for the first time since Cuba in 1962.The Russian had calculated that Nixon would delay just long enough for the Final Solution.

Lance Lambert in his book on the '73 War (Battle for Israel) documents the burden of prayer for Israel at that time in places he knew. I can attest to a similar burden of prayer for Richard Nixon at that time at the Bible College I attended. Some of us were puzzled by this and it wasn't until much later that I learned the reason which I have outlined above.

America's woes look like increasing; possibly even with a revival of Christianity. The British Empire, on which the sun never set, vanished at lightning speed. There is no law or covenant guaranteeing America's survival. Only Israel and the Church have such promises.

The niggle at the back of my mind, until now, is that a Fortress America turned isolationist by disaster or insurrection, or an embattled President facing impeachment, could cause Israel's enemies to think that they stand a chance of destroying Israel. A re-run, if you will, of 1973. It would be foolish, but they have rarely proved themselves wise.

Netanyahu's destruction of  WMDs in Syria makes perfect sense in the light of the above.

America can and will fall, in due course. Israel will survive, but suffering is far from ruled out.

I am minded of Christ's advice to the Church, "Watch and Pray" and of His ancestor David's advice, " Pray for the peace of Jerusalem".

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