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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Big Lie, madness and the famous Eccles.

Over at Daphne Anson's Blog is a piece on a lady who used to be my MP. She's a very likeable person, as far as I could tell from the few times I've met her. However, in my opinion, like a great many socialists, but not all, she's a sucker for a sob story. Enough of Clare Short, it was something else that is so mad you've got to laugh, if only sardonically.

After reading Daphne's piece, I got curious and looked up 'ElectronicIntifada'. It's on an illustration with the post with a quote from Steven Sizer. EI seem to believe that the BBC is now ruled by a cabal of hardline Zionists. If that is true, it's a revolution. Will we now see the Balen report? Somehow I doubt it.

As I looked through the Google links on EI, I found this at Uprooted Palestinian . It appears that this  believes that George Soros funds EI, which may or may not be true and, get this, that George Soros is part of the Zionist conspiracy. Yes, he states that EI are Israel's spokesman.
"The truth is that these Electronic people are Israel’s spokesmen."

We can judge the quality of his reportage from another, more recent post, on the Syrian genocide.

The piece is headed by a picture which has nothing to do with Syria but is of Mohammed al Durrah (Dura).
My link goes to an exhaustive Wikipedia piece which leaves the matter unresolved, wisely from their point of view, because it has been demonstrated that, if the boy died, he was never killed by Israeli bullets.

What matters is not the truth but the tug on the heart.

Behind both these websites is the allegation that a Zionist Cabal is at work. Now back to Stephen Sizer . His quote is a criticism of CUFI and includes a picture with the link 'Banging the Drums of War'.

The article he is linking to, by one Emily Warda (and also here ) contains some valid criticism of what is really US American culture and not Zionism, followed by assorted distortions, unsupported assertions about Christian Zionism, an exaggeration of CUFI's influence and finishing with the (unsupported) assertion that they are banging the drums of war. CUFI has some 1.3 million members but that is out of a population of nearly 316 million. That's 0.4% of the population. OK, let's make some allowances for age and call it nearly 1%. According to the leftist Salon.com the muslim population could range from less that 1 million to up to 10 million. This is typical of attempts to quantify Islam. Generally, most come out at 2 - 3 million. Allowing for age, it's about even. I doubt that all the CUFI supporters are rich, white and powerful.

Which brings me back to the madness. If Zionism, in all its forms, is so powerful why am I not the Archbishop of Canterbury; why is Stephen Sizer still a vicar; why did the Holocaust happen; why is Israel so small; why does Israel surrender land for peace...etc. etc.?

Ah, yes. That singularly unsuccessful Zionist plot to rule the world which is simultaneously rich, powerful, secret, diabolical... yawn. Where does this strange idea come from? Its a Big Lie. Goebbels practiced it. Paul predicted it http://bible.cc/2_thessalonians/2-11.htm .

Actually, the lie is a distortion of promises in the Tenach and in the New Testament. It's the argument over the nature of that distortion and how to interpret scripture that separates me, and others, from Sizer and his ilk.

The day when Israel will be pre-eminent among the nations only comes with the (return of) the Messiah. This will not be brought about by precipitating Armageddon (more about that some other time). It's the rage against God that leads to a rage against real Christianity and against the Jew (again more later).

It's God's fault. He chose someone. It could have been a Briton. If it had we would be fighting the French and others for a piece of  the British Isles. It would have been the same story with British names. Josh Davidson would have been born in the North of England and executed in London. And so on.

The Messiah had to be somewhere. Which brings me at last to that saner form of madness which is the Goon Show and the famous Eccles

Eccles, when trapped in a coal cellar and questioned on what he was doing there, replies "Everybody's got to be somewhere".

And therein is the problem. The Jews, and others, are allowed to be somewhere, just as long as it is somewhere else.


  1. George Soros part of the "Zionist Conspiracy"???
    EI - Israel's spokesman???
    The BBC - ruled by a Zionist cabal???

    They only forgot one thing - the Guardian is a mouthpiece for the World Zionist Organization.
    Don't I wish...

  2. It's a complete reversal of truth. And concerning reversals, you have to watch the video in Daphne's latest and now on mine. It is brilliant.

    Great to hear from you again.