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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Conviction or Condemnation? Advice to Cranmer and others.

Perhaps Your Grace should consider this:

Do you feel battered, bruised, manipulated, wronged and devastated? Then you have been bludgeoned by the Enemy. Seek healing and return to the fray.
Do you feel convicted, cut to the heart, burdened with a guilt that can only be purged at the Cross? Then you have been cut by the Word of God and convinced by the Holy Spirit.
I'm betting on the former.

The Enemy can only destroy. God cuts only to bind up and heal.

The Enemy will hit us with lies that if they were true would be utterly destructive of our Christian witness and ministry. He will twist, distort, bend, misrepresent, suppress the truth and suggest a falsehood. Moreover, he will use those we thought were our brothers and sisters in Christ.

All this is persecution and the Cross. The servant is not greater than His Master.

The Enemy will tell you that you have wilfully and/or thoughtlessly given offence. He will not tell you that he has deliberately, and with malice aforethought, taken offence.

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