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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Playing by the rules when your opponent doesn't even recognise them.

Nobody likes playing against a cheat, but at least a cheat knows the rules.  The problem that Israel and the West face today is an enemy who is playing a different game by a different set of rules. Furthermore, those rules are not applied with an even hand but favour the one side only.

This does not mean that we should cease playing by the rules. Our Judeo-Christian heritage is what makes us great; it is also what has made us humanitarian. If we abandon our rules we will abandon any claim to having a better society and we will also abandon our humanity.

Pick almost any headline from English language media, and wherever there is egregiously bad behaviour you find a commandment that has been broken or a doctrine that has been ignored.

Take the case in the USA of the monstrous Dr. Kermit Gosnell (sic) documented in many places, but very well here by Brother Ivo on Cranmer. The case is being carefully ignored by the Mainstream Media or twisted as an example of what will happen with back-street abortions?!

Then there is the disrespect accorded to the remains of Baroness Thatcher which I posted on a few days ago here.

Or again, the way Israel fights with one hand tied behind its collective back and very well documented, by Gil Solomon in J-wire. Thanks to Daphne Anson for highlighting this excellent article.

And finally, one left-wing Bishop is seeking to silence Cranmer here.

More on this theme later.

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