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Monday, 22 April 2013

Escape to Oz and a signal honour.

As the marvellous Daphne Anson leaves Blighty for the sunnier climes of Oz , she has flattered me by cross-posting the first three posts in my occasional series on why I am a Christian Zionist. She has added honour to flattery by including The Almond Rod on her blogroll. The Almond Rod is but a little candle amongst some of the luminaries of the blogosphere on Daphne's blogroll, but it is very gratifying. 

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the miles will disappear when Daphne returns to blogging in a short while. We have never met personally, but as an efriend she has been a great support and encouragement to this blog and its author.

Thank you Daphne, and I hope that my future blogs will justify my inclusion on your blogroll. I look forward to more of your informative and inspirational blogging.

May the LORD keep you safe on your journey and give you peace in your new home.

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