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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Kesteven: The rush to Judgement – as if our opinion counts.

The media are full of debatable facts and dubious opinions at the best of times. Currently, they are having a field day as they try to review the life, achievements and opinions of the late Baroness. Personally, I have mixed feelings. Was she a Christian? The estimable Cranmer  seems to think so. I never knew her and am not qualified to comment. 

Which is really my point. We should pray for those who grieve, that they will find comfort in Christ. We commit her to God and we leave judgement to God and to fools.

The scriptures tell us very little about the eternal destinations of most of the people mentioned therein. We know for certain that Judas, the son of perdition was lost, or do we? Paul uses the term about the Man of Sin.

We are more confident with the saved. Abraham, Moses, Elijah and the list in Hebrews which is still short, the Good Thief, Revelation tells us that there are 'myriads' in Heaven. All of which tells us of the saving power of Christ Jesus' sacrifice and none of which tells us of the final verdict to be passed on those we love.

All we know is that through faith in the Risen Lord we can be saved, that we are empowered to live far better lives and that we can have assurance of salvation. No other faith offers us this. 

As for others, we should seek to win them to Christ and for ourselves to have faith in the One who has gained salvation for all who will believe. 



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