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Friday, 28 June 2013

Fear, Guilt and Shame: which one drives you?

Whilst catching up with some online reading I came across a link to the following article: Marching for Allah: How should we respond to the Muslim protests?

It has some excellent insights into the difficulty of dialogue with Islam and the very different ways in which cultures think. It is well worth reading for anyone who has to deal with Muslims.

The West tends to be guilt based, until recently. We need to be right. The East is generally shame based, hence the need for honour and to be seen to win. Some tribal groups are fear based and hence their hostility as threats must be eliminated.

Having said that, I know plenty of people who are eaten up with all three. I believe that Love casts out fear, Hope answers guilt and Trust (Faith) replaces shame. 

Jesus is the answer to all of this.

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