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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tramp stamps, Motorola tattoos and the Mark of the Beast.

We're getting used to to tattoos. Nice people have them. No, I really mean nice people. We're getting used to them. Why? Not so very long ago the tattooed lady was a freak show attraction, now she serves in a local coffee-shop.

Then there's tramp stamps, so-called because they are decorative brands for floozies to show which pimp is exploiting them. It is effectively slavery. We brand cattle and products not people. Now it's become fashionable to have these decorations. Since when was it cool to wear the symbols of slavery? 

Everything you buy in a shop has a bar-code. Some people thought that was the Mark.

All our meat is from animals which are micro-chipped and we are encourage to chip our pets, as we should. But some people think that we should chip ourselves. I'm sorry, but I was never intended to be someone's pet or dinner.

Computerised pace-makers and other devices can, in theory, be hacked.

Finally, there's the whole business of identity theft and proving who we are. Motorola have another possible solution. An electronic tattoo.

 'Biostamps' made by IC10 feature bendable circuitry that can stretch up to double its original size

Are any of these things the Mark of the Beast? No, but any or all could be. The issue of ownership and allegiance has not yet arisen as something claiming a god-like authority. It will arise once the Man of Sin has been revealed.

This side of the Rapture, none of these things is an issue. Afterwards, it all changes. What matters is that we are being softened-up, groomed, if you will, for the ultimate in ownership brands, ID, hackable, traceable and spiritually deadly.

Get used to resisting this level of personal surveillance. It's going to become more common and much harder to disobey.

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