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Monday, 5 August 2013

Christians against Poverty - not what you think.

Of course, we're all against poverty. Paint the banners, find out where GX are meeting and show our love for the poor by holding hands. Been there, done that, won't buy the T-shirt as I don't want to be ripped off.... yawn.

Except, it's not like that. These Christians get no government support - it's the word 'Christian' that turns off the tap. They don't do financial aid, only in extremis. They are about helping people (rich or poor) to get themselves out of debt.

It's all church-based and my church is getting into it.

They are getting very big in the UK and are moving into Australia, New Zealand and Canada.  They will help anyone of any faith. The links go to the CAP of that country.

Perhaps the churches in your country should be getting into touch with them and starting your own version.

CAP are about money management and are rated by secular experts as one of the best. You need to know how it works. See here .

Christians Against Poverty logo.pngPeople in debt often lose friends or avoid friends and family. CAP counsellors become the trusted friend who is helping the debtor out of trouble without judgement or condemnation. 

The debtor knows that it is Christians who are doing this. It often leads to conversion. 

The help can lead to conversion. Conversion is NOT a requirement for help, see above, any faith means any faith. 

CAP is a form of practical and effective evangelism as well as a social benefit. If your country could benefit and doesn't have a CAP of its own, why not contact them and see if you could start one?

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