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Sunday, 25 August 2013

When was Jesus born?

Why on earth post on this in August? Because Joseph Farah CEO of WND has called for a national day of prayer in the USA and then linked it to a putative date of birth for Jesus. It's all based on Astrology and possibly Mariolatry and goddess-worship.

  If this goddess had reddish-brown hair, she'd look like Diana Rigg. The point being that images of the long dead are not the real person; they are images of someone else, though not Diana Rigg in this case.

I pray he succeeds with the Day of Prayer.  Most Western Countries need one. He's so wrong with the date.

Astrology is forbidden by the Law (Torah). The wise men used clues in Daniel to calculate the dates of Christ's birth, death and resurrection. Saturday September 14th 5BC is His birth date. I will be blogging on this topic closer to that date. This year (2013) Sukkoth is Sept 19th. 

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