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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

While Britain sleeps is America slowly awakening?

It really pains me to write this because I believe that America was deceived into rebelling against the UK and has been consistently deceived over the decades about Britain. It has been my hope that the fire of revival would ignite in the UK and spread out to the colonies [ ;-) ]  and commonwealth. It may still happen, but now there is a race to the finish line.

However, as I have written here (about the spiritual condition of the UK and the Western Churches), here (about the potential for revival) , here (about the coming persecution) and here (about practical evangelism) all is not, quite, lost but prayer and repentance are needed.

So is the USA awakening spiritually? Well,  94 year-old Billy Graham has compared the USA to Nineveh and turned to Jonah for inspiration. The whole article is worth reading, especially for the call to a national day of prayer and repentance.

But Billy Graham is not the only one. In Birmingham, England (the original one), there is a Nineveh road and an evangelist lives there. Jonah means the Dove - a model, without the temper tantrum, for revival.

This poem here expresses that hope for revival. This PowerPoint forms the basis of a sermon that challenges churches to revival oriented prayer and obedience. Finally, this article outlines God's conditions for revival.

So are we going to have a glorious revival and an end to our worries? I think not. We missed the boat for that one during the 1968 - 73 revival (Jesus People).

Sadly, I think we will get our glorious revival in the midst of humbling persecution even to the shedding of blood. I wish I could say otherwise, but, in all honesty I can't.

The Dove comes only after Jesus' baptism, signifying the Cross.

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