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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Some videos from Israel that should interest and encourage.

Firstly, a contemporary music video;

Secondly,speculative (?) archaeology about the Ark of the Covenant:

Thirdly, great music , no idea what it's about except 'Ha Shem'. A translation would be greatly appreciated.

And has now been provided with a link from 'John' - see comments. 
It turns out to be a musical setting of the first three verses of Psalm 130, known as 'De profundis' to the West; 'From the depths'. It is one of the 'Psalms of ascents' which are an extremely important part of worship, a spiritual journey and of prophetic significance.


  1. Excellent finds, Ian. Following a slew of discougaing videos I have linked to this post.

  2. here ya go...


  3. Thanks, John. Video duly amended to include English subtitles.

    1. happy to help out here. Let me know in the future if I can be of service in this area.

    2. Thank you, but apart from posting another appeal for help and hoping you see it... Or you could traverse right and click on 'email me'.