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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ending the Silence - more on Islamic persecution of Christians.

Regular readers will know that this blog counts Daphne Anson as a friend. Recently, she posted two links on my post Eretz Zen etc. I have now followed up those links.

The first is German from Spiegel Online . It suggests that both sides are exploiting Christians for their own purposes. The second is from an organisation called the Gatestone Institute. This is a secular body that includes people of Islamic origin. Consequently, their article has to be taken seriously.

 Gatestone Institute

Daphne called it heartbreaking. The stories are heartbreaking. The silence is heart-shattering.

A church in the Syrian village of al-Duwayr, after an attack by Islamist militiamen. 
(Image credit: Syria Report)

 It is time for Christians in the West to stand up on behalf of their Middle-Eastern brothers and sisters.

 It is time for U.S. American Christians to stand up to their President.

Please forward this to every Christian Leader, religious or political, that you know.

It is time to end the silence.

And Israel is still the safest middle-Eastern country in which to be a Christian.

See also my post Stop the Silence!

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