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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rosh Hashshana, Yom Kippur and Israeli victory.

Israel Today has published a commentary which argues that the Jews are not properly observing the Law over the High Holidays. As a result, Israel is not enjoying God's blessing as it should. Israel Today is published by Jewish believers in Jesus/Yeshua as The Christ/Ha Moshiach. In essence, it argues that it is the sighting of the New Moon in Jerusalem that governs the start of Yom Teruah and not the astronomical calculation of when it should be. It also argues that the rules that applied when Israel was not in the Land no longer apply today and should be abandoned. The also argue that failure to obey the Law has resulted in a lack of complete and swift victory over all Israel's enemies.

Are they right? I did some simple research. Make of it what you will.

According to this website the New Moon was 2.37 PM on the 5th of September. It would have been almost impossible to see it. It is this sort of calculation that was used to set the date.

However, TorahCalendar.com has a different calculation. They reckon it was Saturday Sept 7th. If you look at the data below then prophecy students will gasp at the year that they claim has just started.

Saturday, 7 Sep 2013 C.E.
15:55:25.33 UT
5:55 PM IST Local Time

Sunset ending Shabbat
& beginning Yom Rishon
Starting Day 1 of Month 7
Creation Year 5999   (my emphasis).
Creation Day 2,190,728

Torah Calendar also publish a date for the Birth of the Messiah, but it is based on an astrological reading of verses in Revelation and, in my opinion, they are completely wrong. Daniel is where they need to go for their data and  I believe that the Torah forbids all forms of divination which would include astrology (but not astronomy). 

They argue for Wednesday 7th Sept 3BC which would have been Yom Teruah. I think it was Friday/Saturday 14th Sept. 5BC, which was Tabernacles. I will post more on this in the near future.

See also here for Yom Teruah as Sept 8. 2013  also this:

New Moon 6/10/2013

New moon sighted from Jerusalem by Yoel Halevi at 7:43pm

Picture from Hebrew in Israel on Facebook.

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