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Friday, 6 September 2013

It's time the truth was told.

I don't have that many viewers and fewer regulars, but I do have some and I appreciate all of you. Now I want to ask you all to do your very best to publicise what follows for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Over at Cranmer is the linked article. The following quote:

It has been tweeted out, but is grossly under-reported. As Presidents Obama and Hollande prepare to bomb the evil President Assad to kingdom come, those righteous Al-Qaeda freedom fighters have slaughtered a garrison of the regime's soldiers and were then somehow forced to invade the predominantly Christian village of Maloula. The report is patchy, but German intelligence doesn't seem to be able to intercept nuns' telephone conversations.

Courtesy of  our friend Daphne Anson is the following link: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/raymond-ibrahim/al-qaeda-vows-to-slaughter-christians-after-u-s-liberates-syria/

The link pretty much says it all. Except that it seems not everyone is asleep. 

sy_2157428bIt seems that a lot of the US military aren't too keen on fighting for Al-Qaida. See this article at WND.

  And this isn't the only one.

Why does the Mainstream Media promote the enemies of the West? Why does Obama support the Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaida?

Why are we being dragged into a war that no-one wants to fight? 

Yet again Goodson's Law provides an unpalatable answer . It's time that the USA took internal action to solve its problems. 

An update from Barnabas Fund:

 Barnabas has provided aid to around 10% of Syria’s Christian community

And finally,


Israel is still the only Middle Eastern country where Christians are safe.

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