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Monday, 16 September 2013

Who surrounds Israel? Melanie Phillips gets it.

As I said to the vicar after church this evening, "If you were a Middle-East dictator trying to fight off the Muslim Brotherhood/Al Qaeda and hold on to a modicum of liberty and stability to whom would you look?"

Obama has failed in his bid to get the Brotherhood encircling Israel, but has succeeded in getting Russian influence to do exactly that. 

In her latest blog post , Melanie Phillips analyses Obama's failure and achievements. She also sees Putin as the victor in this débacle. However, she can see that Obama is not a complete failure. In fact, he may not be a failure at all...

And why shouldn’t the First Narcissist preen? For he has achieved precisely what he wanted, his true goal that I described in this blog when Obama first ran for President: to extend the reach of the state over peoples’ lives at home, to emasculate the power of America abroad, and to make the free white world the slave of those he falsely characterised as the victims of that white world’s oppression.

He has achieved it, to the letter. Iran’s putative victims of its imminent nuclear arsenal of holy war against the non-Islamic world are now, terrifyingly, on their own.

Melanie Phillips gets it. So does Putin, and maybe even Obama, but do you...?

                                                                   Lies, all lies.

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