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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Eretz Zen, Jeremy Bowen and the Christians who speak Aramaic.

If Eretz Zen is to be believed, and he has a lot of video footage to back his case, then Obama and the West are totally on the wrong side of the conflict in Syria.

At last the truth about the persecution of Christians by the rebels has surfaced in the Mainstream Media. We were treated to the sight of the BBC actually featuring a Christian story sympathetically. And then, miracles never cease, to find that the reporter is Jeremy Bowen! Here, here and here. The words of the Greek orthodox Patriarch in this last one are very significant. He pleads with Obama not to bomb them.

This is an answer to prayer as these truths were being hidden from sight while the case for war was being made.

World Net Daily features more information from Eretz Zen about the activities of the rebels.It appears that they are very afraid of Christians as more dangerous than chemical weapons. They also allege that communion bread is a pork meat derivative! Echoes of Matzos made with blood?

The Daily Mail's report has pictures of the beautiful mountain village now being fought  over by the opposing sides as well as reports of forced conversions to Islam.

State-run TV reported that all churches in Maaloula were now safe and the army was chasing gunmen in the western hills

It would appear that the villagers speak Aramaic. A language in common use across the Middle East in New Testament times and probably the common language of many Jews in Israel including Jesus and His disciples. Greek was the other main language of the Eastern Roman Empire. Hebrew was already becoming confined to the educated classes.

Aramaic speaking Christians just outside Damascus? I have to wonder if they are the descendants of the Jews (as well as possible Gentile converts) who had believed in Jesus as Messiah and fled the persecutions by Saul until he was converted on the road to Damascus.


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