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Thursday, 4 July 2013

A moving and powerful testimony.

The video that follows is not some second or third hand account or something from somewhere else of doubtful authenticity. This man is known to Holy Trinity Church West Bromwich (HTWB). The Rev. Neil Robbie was an engineer before he was a vicar and is not given to gullibility. I know him and have met Harjit Kumar. All of which is to say that you can trust what you are going to see.

And it will bless you. Share it.

This is the Vicar's account of how he first heard the testimony taken from his blog 'Transforming Grace'.

We held our last session of the SOUL course this afternoon at Holy Trinity West Bromwich. 15 minutes before we were due to start I was praying for the guy who we’d asked to share his testimony, he was late. Just then one of the course members, Harjit, approached me and said “Can I share my testimony tonight?” I wasn’t sure but as I had been praying I wondered if this was the answer. I phoned the guy who was meant to share, he was stuck somewhere. Then the next surprise. Harjit said, “my testimony is on YouTube. I can’t give it live without a translator.” So we downloaded the clip and here’s the great surprise and blessing which moved half the room to tears of joy.

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