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Saturday, 13 July 2013

God's conditions for Revival - taken from Acts Chapter 2.

It seems to me that what the Holy Spirit instituted at Pentecost is a blueprint for subsequent outpourings of the Holy Spirit. It also provides a spiritual checklist to diagnose the health of the Christian and your local church, denomination etc. Everything is Christ-centred and no-one gets it all right, but we can, with God's grace seek the Holy Spirit to help become more like He wants us to be. It's not a 100% thing or there would never be any revivals, but the closer we get, the better it will be.

God’s Conditions for Revival  

God’s conditions for the Christian

Repent of rebelling against God and His Messiah- metanoia - putting on the mind of Christ
Believe in the Risen and Crucified Lord Jesus the Christ/Messiah
Be Baptized in water and into Christ (and the word ‘baptize’ means ‘immerse’ - dip the sheep; don't sprinkle the lambs).
Receive the promised Holy Spirit  No gifts; No fruit. No fruit: no power. The Holy Spirit always points us to Jesus and makes us like Him.

God’s c0nditions for the Church 

Apostle’s teaching  Sound preaching and Bible Study centred on Christ
Fellowship  Encouraging each other in the Body and rejoicing in the company of the saints. No such thing as solitary Christianity, needing each other's ministry, prayers and gifts etc.
Breaking of Bread Jesus commanded us to do this whenever we met together. The necessity of taking communion regularly and frequently. After all, He commanded us to, which should be enough. Discerning the body etc. by faith and with thanksgiving - in and to Jesus.
Prayers Corporate intercessory prayer. All involved. Our life's breath. Our relationship with Jesus. It's not all about answers. It's all about Jesus.

God’s Consequences

Glory   A real sense of the Presence of God. Fear (Awe), wonders and signs.
Gracious giving A spirit of giving that included material possessions, relationships in the church and outside the church.
Growth A spirit of evangelism where God drew people into the Kingdom. Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me’.

Consequences are NOT conditions. Consequences are the work of the Holy Spirit.
If we persist in mistaking consequences for conditions, we will lose everything.

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