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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Good news from the Arab world

Israel Today have published a story which is heartening when most of the news from the Arab world is either bad or worse. They have picked this up from Ma'ariv. For those, like me, who wonder what Ma'ariv is. It is a Hebrew language evening paper, which is why I am not linking to their site

It seems that young Israeli Arab Christians are joining the IDF and are proud of it. The centre of this recruitment is Nazareth!

They see Israel as a bastion of freedom for Christians in the Middle East and one potential recruit has reminded the readers of Ma'ariv that Jesus and His disciples are Jewish. There are many Christians in the West who need to hear this, some, like me, to be encouraged and others who need to be ashamed and repent of their attitude to Israel.

These bold Christians have shamed their elders and so-called superiors in the Eastern Orthodox Church and earned the wrath of non-Christian Arab MKs (Members of the Knesset - equivalent to MPs).
You can read the full article here
It's worth reading and it's worth sharing.

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