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Thursday, 25 July 2013

How mad can it get? This mad....

Boycott derangement Syndrome! I don't like my water meter!

Contract: The Israeli company won a £36million contract to provide water metres, pictured, metre reading services and data hosting services for Southern Water across Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Sussex

Campaign: Protestors in Brighton persuaded Southern Water to remove an Israeli-made water meter after objecting to its use on ethical grounds
A spokesman from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign said: 'Southern Water's offer of changing the meter paves the way for thousands of other people to have their meter changed if they wish.
'It costs up to £200 to change a meter. How many people are going to want their Israeli meter out?
'We will be flyering ( sic) thousands of households across Sussex that are due to have an Arad meter installed as part of Southern Water's metering programme to let them know they don't have to have the Israeli-made device.'

Can I have an Israeli water meter, please? I don't trust the one I've got!

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  1. And here's the local PSC's letter re the water meters!