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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Jerusalem Patriarch silences Arab Christian Priest while other Arabs form new Christian Party

Father Gabriel Nadaf, the Christian voice of Arab Christian Israeli integration has been silenced by his religious 'superior' the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Christian support for this brave man is one of almost deafening silence. Some Israeli politicians have spoken out for him, including Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, but far too many people are failing to stand with him.

You can read more about our hero here in Israel Today .

And in Israel Hayom, you can read about the formation of a Israeli Christian Arab political party.

For clarification Israel Today and Israel Hayom are not the same paper. They have different remits and staff. Hayom is based in Tel-Aviv and Today is in Jerusalem.

Bashara Shlayan: "Israel's first demand, which I support -- and which needs to be understood -- is that Israel is the home of the Jewish people."
Photo credit: Gil Eliyahu/JINI

From today, the Arab Christian party will be named Habrit Hahadashah (The New Alliance -- the word "brit," which also means covenant, references the New Testament).

They want to be recognised as loyal citizens of the State of Israel. An Israel which is the home of the Jewish people.