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Friday, 5 July 2013

Police ignorance is something to fear.

The days  when the police understood that they and preachers of the gospel were on the same side are long gone. Today's police detective thinks that a simple explanation of the gospel and sin amounts to a confession of a homophobic crime. He was wrong, but it could all change if the Queen is forced into violating her Coronation Oath and signs same-sex 'marriage' into law.

Christian Concern and its sister organisation, the Christian Legal Centre have been closely involved with defending the U.S. street preacher and former US cop (!) against his persecution  by our excuse for what used to be the best police force in the world.

The downgrading of religious education in schools has led to a blanket ignorance of Christianity and of the Gospel. The sins of Rome have tarred every Church with the same brush and the Press parade their colossal ignorance with every article they write about religion.

Today's Police haven't got a clue. They think that silencing the Gospel is the right thing to do. Jesus warned us this would happen.

The Christian Legal Centre have provided links to a video of the arrest and a transcript of the arresting officer's  interview with Tony Miano. What is painfully evident is the utter ignorance of the detective.

You can read the transcript here.

And here's the video:

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